Since Health Resources Centre (HRC) commenced its service in 2001, it has been providing diversified services to patients, carers and the public, as well as bridging the Hospital with the community so as to strive for building a healthy community.


  1. Patient & Carer Empowerment
    To provide patient education and empowerment programs, psychosocial support and related activities to strengthen self-care and disease management of patients and carers

  2. Support to Patient Group
    To facilitate development of mutual support networks for chronic ill patients and their carers to sustain their long-term support

  3. Volunteer Service and Development
    To develop, coordinate and monitor volunteer services for better patient care and enhancing patient support services

  4. Community Engagement and Partnership
    To collaborate with community partners and stakeholders to enhance health literacy of patients and general public, and also to facilitate reintegration of patients into the community

Scope of Service

  • Provision of Health Information
    A collection of health-related books, publications, pamphlets and multi-media materials is provided for patients and the public. HRC also provides internet service for public to access health information websites.
  • Health Education & Promotion
    By organizing health talks, education exhibitions, collaborated community projects and carnival with different organizations and stakeholders in the community, HRC strives to promote healthy lifestyle.

  • Volunteer Network
    HRC endeavors to develop volunteer services by engaging community members to provide care to patients and operational support to various departments in the Hospital, so as to promote the spirit of mutual help and build up a harmonious community.

  • Patient and Carer Support Service
    HRC acts as a facilitator in organizing patient and carer empowerment program and mutual support groups to enhance health literacy and self-confidence of chronic ill patients and carers to cope with the disease in their rehabilitation journey.


We Promote, We Share and We Own Healthy Living


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Opening Hours of Health Resources Centre:
(The opening hours will be changed as follows with effect from 1 April 2020.)

Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

Tel: 2208 1259

Fax: 2704 5922

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