Introduction of New Drugs

The Drug Advisory Committee (DAC) evaluates applications for introducing new drugs and indications to the HA Drug Formulary.  The Committee meets once every three months in January, April, July and October each year. There is no limit on the number of new drug applications for each meeting.


Since HA is a publicly funded healthcare service provider, the coverage of the HA Drug Formulary should be driven by clinical service needs. All applications for new drug listing should be initiated by HA clinicians and submitted to the DAC for consideration. DAC does not accept new drug applications submitted by pharmaceutical companies.


DAC follows an evidence-based approach in evaluating new drug applications for listing on the HA Drug Formulary, having regard to the three principal considerations of safety, efficacy and cost-effectiveness of drugs while taking into account other relevant factors, including international recommendations and practices, advance in technology, disease state, patient compliance, quality of life, actual experience in the use of drugs as well as views of professionals and patient groups.


Recommended new drugs / indications will be listed on the HA Drug Formulary in around three months after the DAC meeting.  Public can assess the meeting agenda, schedule and outcomes in the internet website of the HA Drug Formulary.