Drug Management Committee

Drug Management Committee


DMC reports to the HA Directors’ Meeting and is responsible for the overall drug management in HA.  The Committee is supported by various functional committees at both corporate and cluster levels so as to ensure consistency in policy formulation and implementation across HA and clear accountability for drug management at all levels.

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference of DMC are:

a)    To recommend drug management policies and formulate guidelines in HA;

b)    To liaise and support implementation of drug policies and guidelines in HA;

c)    To monitor and evaluate impacts of drug policies on quality use of drugs in HA;

d)    To oversee development and management of Drug Formulary in HA;

e)    To prioritise drug programmes in the annual planning process and for safety net inclusion; and

f)     To conduct drug utilisation review in HA.


DMC is chaired by the corporate Director overseeing pharmaceutical service management [currently Director (Cluster Services)].  The DMC composition is as follows:


a)     Chairmen of DAC, DFC, DSC, MSC;

b)     Chairmen of all Cluster DTCs;

c)     Chief Pharmacist;

d)     Chief Manager (Nursing); and

e)     Two co-opted academics in healthcare-related disciplines (e.g. clinical pharmacologist) from local universities.


In-attendance: Cluster Clinical Stream Coordinators (Pharmacy) of all clusters.


DMC members are positional appointments whereas co-opted academics are personal appointments by invitation of the subject corporate Director and their membership would be reviewed biennially.