Drug Advisory Committee

Drug Advisory Committee (DAC)


DAC plays a key role in evaluating new pharmaceuticals for listing on the HA Drug Formulary.

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference of DAC are:

a)    To evaluate new pharmaceuticals and decide on the indication for use for listing on the HA Drug Formulary;

b)    To decide on the category of new pharmaceuticals approved for listing on the HA Drug Formulary; and

c)    To advise all HA hospitals and clinics the review outcome of new pharmaceuticals put up for listing on the HA Drug Formulary.


DAC is chaired by a senior management executive appointed by the subject corporate Director.  Its composition has balanced the representation of different clinical specialties with weighting on pharmaceutical technology development.  The DAC membership is as follows:

a)    Corporate Director overseeing pharmaceutical service management;

b)    Chief Pharmacist;

c)    Eight rotational members from Expert Panels on HA Drug Formulary; and

d)   Two co-opted academics in healthcare-related disciplines (e.g. clinical pharmacologist) from local universities.

The subject corporate Director and Chief Pharmacist are positional appointments.  Rotational members nominated by Expert Panels on HA Drug Formulary assist in considering different aspects of drug use and providing balanced views on clinical outcomes in accordance with the best available scientific and clinical evidence.  They contribute to the work of DAC as independent experts and are accountable to DAC on individual basis.  There is no accountability relationship between rotational members and their respective Coordinating Committees (COCs), Central Committees (CCs) on disease groups or Expert Panels.  The tenure of both DAC Chairman and rotational members is up to two years, with flexibility of extension for two or more terms.  Co-opted academics are personal appointments by invitation of the subject corporate Director and their membership would be reviewed biennially.


In view of the importance and complexity of new drug evaluations for the HA Drug Formulary, the successor of DAC Chairman would preferably be designated one year before expiration of the tenure of the current chairman, and attend DAC meetings as a co-opted member until he / she takes up the chairmanship.  As for rotational members, renewal of membership would preferably be staggered in order to ensure smooth operation of the committee and to maintain consistency in the decision-making process.