Hospital Address

19 Eastern Hospital Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Location and Transport

The hospital is situated at the quiet valley of So Kon Po, which is next to the Hong Kong Stadium. The hospital can be accessed by the following public transportation:


Kennedy Town - > Eastern Hospital Road

8H Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort)- > Eastern Hospital Road
678 Sheung Shui - > Eastern Hospital Road ( Monday to Friday, Morning & Evening Peak Hours Only)
936 / 936A Shek Wai Kok / Lei Muk Shue - > Eastern Hospital Road ( Monday to Saturday, Morning Peak Hours Only)


Shau Kei Wan (Grand Promenade) -> Central (Macau Ferry)*

2A Yiu Tung Estate -> Exhibition Centre Station *


Shau Kei Wan (Grand Promenade) -> Exhibition Centre Station *


Heng Fa Chuen -> Exhibition Centre Station *


Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort) -> Exhibition Centre Station *


Hing Wah Estate -> Lai Tak Tsuen *


Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort) -> Happy Valley*

72 / 72A / 96 / 592 Hong Kong South -> Causeway Bay ( Moreton Terrace)*

MTR Island Line

Causeway Bay station; exit D2 and transfer to Bus No. 5B

* The Buses come from Hong Kong East and South and pass through Causeway Bay, where bus transfer to No.5B is required.

Please visit the following websites of public transport operators for the update information on their services:
Citybus & NWFB:

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Inpatient Guide

Inpatient Guide (English / Traditional Chinese / Indonesian / Tagalog / Urdu)


Patient Transportation Services (Sel-financed)

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Visiting Hours



A1 B1 C1 D1 E1 F1

B2 C2 D2 E2

B3 C3 D3 E3 F3

(Non-acute Medical and Rehabilitation Wards)

11:30am - 1:30pm and
6:00pm - 8:00pm

A2 F2

(Acute Medical and Rehabilitation Wards)

12:00noon - 1:00pm and 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Note: Visiting hours are subject to change according to the guideline as stipulated by the Hospital Authority. Please refer to the corresponding notice and leaflet where necessary, or contact 2162 6888 for enquiry.


E-guide Maps

From Main Block

to Diabetes Mellitus Centre

to Chinese Medicine Centre

to x-ray Department

to Shroff

to Convenience Store

From Ophthalmic Out-patient Department

to Diabetes Mellitus Centre

to Pharmacy Department

to Shroff

to Convenience Store

From Diabetes Mellitus Centre

to Specialist Out-patient Department

to Ophthalmic Out-patient Department

to Pharmacy Department

to Shroff

to Convenience Store



Hospital Enquiry

24 Hours Enquiry Hotline :2162 6899

Hospital information can be obtained through the 24-hours Enquiry Hotline. Copies of the enquired information and useful forms are available through the build in facsimile function.


Other Hospital Enquiry

Hospital Main Switch

2162 6888

Hospital Fax

2162 6333

General Outpatient Department Telephone Appointment Booking Service (24 Hours)

2162 6880

General / Specialist Outpatient Department

2162 6022
Specialist Outpatient Department (Med & Rehab) - New Case Fax Appointment Booking Enquiry Hotline 2162 6021

Ng Chong Sau Mei Integrated Diabetes Mellitus Research and Training Centre

2162 6007

Tseng Hin Pei Rehabilitation Day Hospital

2162 6320

Tseng Cheng Tseng Pei Integrated Community Rehabilitation Centre

2162 6400

Siu King Chung Cardiac Rehabilitation and Resource Centre

2162 6261

Ophthalmic Registration Office

2162 6054

Patient Resources Centre

2162 6035

Tung Wah Eastern Hospital - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Wilson T. S. Wang Chinese Medicine Clinical Research and Services Centre

2162 6363 / 2162 6364



Out-patient Fee

To maintain the tradition of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals in giving free medication, consultation at the general out-patient and specialist out-patient clinics is free of charge.

In-patient Fee and Drug Fee

The in-patient fee and drug fee are specified in the Government Gazette.

Fee Details


Medical Record

Patients applying for medical record need to submit to the hospital the completed application form together with the fee required (in the form of cheque). Application form is available at the General Office, 1/F Main Block.

Enquiry: 2162 6072

Application for Medical Report:

Data Access Request

Medical Report and Patient Informtaion Application Form

Enquiry of Birth Time Request Form


Patients' Charter

The purpose of the Patients' Chater is to explain both patients' Rights and Responsibilities when partients use the services of any Hong Kong's public hospitals. Knowing and understanding the rights and responsibilities will make patients' relationship with health care providers a mutually beneficial one. The Charter sets out the ways in which the community and the hospitals work as partners in a positive and open relationship with a view enhancing the effectiveness of the health care process. For details, please refer to this document.

Code on Access to Information

Please refer to this link.


Donation to Tung Wah Eastern Hospital

Please refer to this link.



The patients and their relatives are welcome to provide suggestion concerning hospital services by either making appointment with the Patient Relations Officers at 1/F Main Block or calling 2162 6108. Suggestion boxes are also available at various locations to collect suggestions from the general public or by e-mail.

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