Patient Resource Centres

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Introduction of Patient Resource Centres

Patient engagement and participation in their care is an integral and indispensable part of delivering patient-centred care. Along the patient journey for combating with the disease, responsible clinical team will provide support to meet the needs of patients as well as their carers. At the same time, Patient Resource Centres (PRCs) of the Hospital Authority (HA) serve as the hospital focal points in engaging the community partners, and liaising with our patients and their carers for enhancing support according to patient needs.

In general, the core services of PRCs involve the following areas:

To better meet the needs of our patients in the community, PRCs play significant roles in supporting patients to manage their health through patient and carer empowerment in collaboration with respective clinical teams as well as connecting patients with patient groups for mutual support and self-care.

In addition, volunteer participation as well as collaboration with different community stakeholders are also important to meet the multi-faceted needs of patients along patient journey. In this regard, PRCs strive for the development of volunteer services for patient support in HA as well as building up network with community partners to facilitate our patients stay healthy in the community.

List of all Patient Resource Centres