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Kowloon Central Cluster

Kowloon Hospital

Address 147A Argyle Street, KLN
Tel. 3129 7111
Fax 2760 7608

Hospital Chief Executive

Dr Chris TSANG Chi-chung

Hospital Governing Committee

Hospital Governing Committee


A multi-specialty provider of acute and extended-care services, the Hospital has one of Hong Kong's largest chest centres and it serves as the main support base for convalescent patients from Queen Elizabeth Hospital and United Christian Hospital. It was among the first hospitals in Hong Kong to establish a department of rehabilitation, and the first to inaugurate a pulmonary rehabilitation programme, a psychogeriatric day hospital, and a substance abuse clinic. The Hospital is currently being redeveloped in phases to enable it to offer more comprehensive services and satisfy the public's healthcare needs more fully. It is also developing a number of community outreach programmes.

Scope of Services
  • Specialties
    • Respiratory Medicine
      • Respiratory Medical Wards
      • Multi-drug and Extensively Drug Resistant TB Treatment Centre
      • Respiratory Medical Day Care Centre
      • Specialist Out-patient Clinic
      • Chronic Lung Disease Clinic
      • Asthma Clinic
      • Sleep Clinic
      • Sleep Laboratory
      • Pulmonary Function Laboratory
      • Flexible Bronchoscopy
      • Pleuroscopy
      • Ultrasound Examination
      • Percutaneous Needle Aspiration / Lung Needle Biopsy
    • Psychiatry
    • Rehabilitation

  • Others
    • Extended Care
    • Infirmary
    • Kowloon Psychiatric Observation Unit
    • Psychiatric Wards
    • Psychiatric Consultation Liaison Service
    • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Service
    • Psychiatric Day Hospital
    • Psychogeriatric Day Hospital
    • Diagnostic Radiology
    • Clinical Psychology
    • Dietetic Service
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Pharmacy
    • Physiotherapy
    • Prosthetic and Orthotic
    • Speech Therapy
    • Medical Social Work
    • Specialist Out-patient Clinics
    • Substance Abuse Clinic
    • Community Geriatric Assessment
    • Community Nursing
    • Community Psychiatric Nursing
    • Community Psychiatric Team
    • Community Psychogeriatric Team


Facility Name Patient Resource Centre
Opening Hours Monday to Friday : 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Enquiries 3129 6662
Address Ground Floor, Block A, 147A Argyle Street, Kln
Scope of Services
  • Self-help Group
  • Enquiry Service
  • Health Promotion Programmes
  • Library
  • Social Re-integration and Recreational Activities
  • Coordinated Hospital Voluntary Services

Facility Name SHINE Recovery Centre
Opening Hours Monday to Friday : 9:00 to 13:00; 14:00 to 17:15
Enquiries 3129 6996
Address Ground Floor, Block C, 147A Argyle Street, Kln
Scope of Services Improve mental health service users' health and wellness, enhance their engagement and empowerment in their own recovery and promote recovery-oriented cares service. People recruited in the Centre work as volunteers according to their strengths and preferences.
  • Promotion and development of peer support services
  • Provision of volunteer trainings, services and activities for people in mental health recovery
  • Empowerment of people in recovery to rebuild their life goals and directions
  • Professional training in recovery
  • Development of recovery- based services
  • Promotion of mental health in community

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