Tung Wah Eastern Hospital, which was founded by the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals in 1929, has been providing both inpatient and outpatient services to the community of the Hong Kong East Cluster. Tung Wah Eastern Hospital became a public hospital under the management of the Hospital Authority in December 1991 and became a member of the Hong Kong East Hospital Cluster since 1993 aiming to provide continuous community based health care services. In order to serve the community with a wide spectrum of patient services and to cater the ever changing service needs, the hospital has undergone service re-organization since 1997 to enhance the development of rehabilitative services, ambulatory based care and ophthalmic services. Currently, the hospital provides in patient and out-patient clinical services under the following specialties: Ophthalmology, Medicine, Geriatrics, Diabetes Mellitus, Rehabilitation and Orthopaedics & Traumatology.


One of the main objectives of the re-organization project is to expand rehabilitative services and to emerge as an unique tertiary medical rehabilitation centre serving the Hong Kong East Cluster. Apart from enhancing inpatient and outpatient services, the hospital also endeavors to develop ambulatory and community based rehabilitation services. Amongst which, the first Rehabilitation Day Hospital commenced service in February 1999 while the Integrated Community Rehabilitation Centre and the Cardiac Rehabilitation and Resource Centre had also been opened in February 2001 and March 2004 respectively to provide patients with specialized rehabilitation assessment and comprehensive treatment programme.

Tung Wah Eastern Hospital has expanded and advanced the Diabetes Mellitus services for development into a regional Integrated Diabetes Mellitus Research and Training Centre with a view to provide one-stop comprehensive services on consultation, diabetes education, complication screening and treatment.


With the completion of the Ophthalmic Services Expansion Project, the TWGHs Lo Ka Chow Memorial Ophthalmic Centre becomes one of the most advanced and well-equipped ophthalmic centre in Hong Kong, which is also the administration, research and training base of ophthalmology for the whole Hong Kong Island. Furnished with the Ophthalmic Sub-specialty Clinic and Ophthalmic Day Surgery Centre after expansion, the Ophthalmic Centre has made great advances in the quality of services.

In addition, the hospital has been working closely with the community partners to organize various kinds of outreach programmes with a view to achieving better community health.


Hospital Mission

To achieve excellence in the quality of services provided and develop specialties in anticipation of the needs of the community



To provide total patient care in a warm and caring environment through a team of highly motivated, well-developed multi-disciplinary staff


To reach out to our community partners to achieve better community health


To continue to collaborate with Tung Wah Group of Hospitals to provide and develop service consistent with its tradition and mission



In-patient Services

Out-patient Services
General Medicine

(A) General Out-patient Department

(B) Specialist Out-patient Department
Geriatrics   (i) Medical Specialty Clinics
General Rehabilitation   - General Medicine
Pulmonary Rehabilitation   - Diabetic Mellitus
Cardiac Rehabilitation   - Geriatics
Stroke Rehabilitation   - Endocrine
Neurology and Neurosurgical Rehabilitation   - Anticoagulation
Orthopaedics & Traumatology Rehabilitation   - Osteoporosis
    - Gastro-intestinal & Hepatology clinic
    - Respiratory clinic
    - Rheumatology clinic
    - Pain clinic
    (ii) Rehabilitation Clinics
    - Pulmonary
    - Cardiac
    - Stroke
    - Neurology & Neurosurgical
    (iii) Ophthalmology
    - Day Surgery Centre
    - Integrated Eye Clinic
    - Subspecialty Eye clinic


Allied Health Services

Clinical Psychology


Medical Social Services

Occupational Therapy







Prosthetic & Orthotic


Speech Therapy



Ambulatory Services

Tseng Hin Pei Rehabilitation Day Hospital

Tseng Cheng Tseng Pei Integrated Community Rehabilitation Centre

Ng Chong Sau Mei Integrated Diabetes Mellitus Research and Training Centre

Siu King Chung Cardiac Rehabilitation and Resource Centre

Ophthalmic Day Surgery Service


Other Services


Patient Resources Centre

Tung Wah Eastern Hospital - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Wilson T. S. Wang Chinese Medicine Clinical Research and Services Centre

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