Feedback and Complaint Submission

(Note: If the completed form/email has been successfully delivered to the Hospital Authority mailbox, an autoreply will be sent to you to acknowledge receipt.)

Please read this notice before you submit any Personal Data to us.

The Hospital Authority (HA) is a statutory body which manages public hospitals. Our staff members may ask you to provide your Personal Data for purposes related to your comments / suggestions / complaints.

When you submit Personal Data to us, please ensure that the data is accurate and complete. If you fail to provide us with the information required or if the information provided is inaccurate or incomplete, the consideration of your comments / suggestions / complaints will be affected.

Please also note that your Personal Data may be made available to the following parties: In addition to the above, we will only use, disclose or transfer the Personal Data you provide to us:

We will obtain your consent before using your Personal Data for any other purposes.

If you wish to access and/or change your Personal Data, you may do so under Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. Please contact our .

You may also wish to refer to the Statement on HA's Protection Policy and Practice for further details.