The Hospital Authority (HA), the statutory body managing public hospitals and related healthcare services in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, welcomes non-locally trained doctors at various career stages to join us. Apart from taking the Licensing Examination of the Medical Council, you can also join us via the Limited Registration and Special Registration pathways.

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General Information

HA welcomes non-locally trained doctors to join our workforce to serve our community together. To be eligible for applying a job with us, you need to be registered under the law of a qualifying place as a medical practitioner in that place with at least one-year full-time post-qualification clinical experience.

You need to submit with your job application the following documents:

Please make sure you submit all documents to facilitate the recruitment process. Once you have submitted your application with all the required documents and you are considered suitable for appointment, we will contact you for interview within two months after you have submitted your application.

As a statutory body for medical education and training, HA is committed to offer specialist training to both local and non-locally trained doctors. You can indicate your preferred specialty for training in your application. An interview panel consisting senior staff from your preferred specialty will assess your suitability to join the specialty as a trainee. If you are considered not suitable to join the specialty training programme by the interview panel, you may be offered a non-training post, or suggested to join a common pool for training post in another specialty.

Please note that the number of available training posts for a particular specialty and recognition of your past training periods outside Hong Kong towards your specialist training are at the discretion of the respective constituent College of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine. Information of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine and its constituent Colleges can be found at

Apart from a generous employment package with a flexible and renewable contract of up to 3 years for each term, HA also offers comprehensive training opportunities for doctors at different stages of training, including specialist training, simulation training and sponsorship of overseas training experience. Promotion opportunity to Associate Consultant is available to doctors with specialist qualifications.

Global Healthcare Talent Scheme

Special Registration

Limited Registration

Information for medical students

Information for new graduates

Information for interns/foundation doctors and specialist trainees/registrars

Information for specialists in your practicing countries

Recent Events

Riding on the success of the recruitment event in London in April 2023, the HA delegation will arrange a recruitment event to London and Manchester of United Kingdom on 20-21 April 2024 to reach more potential medical professionals who are interested in working in Hong Kong.


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    The information contained herein is provided to you for general reference and information purposes only, without any express or implied guarantee or warranty of any kind as to its accuracy, completeness, timeliness, reliability or usefulness, and is not intended to be relied upon. The HA shall not be liable for any error, misstatement or misrepresentation in, or omission from, any such information, and expressly disclaims and excludes any obligation, responsibility or liability of whatsoever nature for any loss, damage, cost or expense (whether direct, indirect or consequential) howsoever arising (whether caused by HA’s negligence or otherwise) from or in respect of any use or misuse of or reliance on the information herein.

    Please refer to the Medical Registration Ordinance (Cap. 161) as amended by the Medical Registration (Amendment) Ordinance 2021 for details of the admission pathway, recognized medical qualifications, registration and other requirements.