Disciplinary Protection Insurance

Hospital Authority has taken out with effect from 1 December 2018 a Disciplinary Protection Insurance policy to cover eligible HA’s clinical and non-clinical professionals including ex-staff and honorary staff who have worked or work in HA at any time on or after 1 December 1991. It aims to provide legal support as a new staff benefit for supporting them in disciplinary inquiry made or commenced in Hong Kong and conducted by professional bodies empowered to regulate their respective professions arising from or in connection with the performance of duties assigned by HA or the performance of the business of HA (including Good Samaritan Acts, volunteer and /or charity work etc, either at the request of and on behalf of HA or with the consent by HA).

Enquiries on details of the Disciplinary Protection Insurance could be addressed to the approved Claims Administrator “Jardine Lloyd Thompson Limited” (“JLT”) at Tel: 2864 5333 or email address at HADP@jltasia.com .