Opportunities for Non-locally Trained Allied Health Professionals in HA


HA welcomes non-locally trained allied health professionals to join our workforce to serve our community together.

You need to submit your job application online with the following documents: **Applicable to Non-locally trained Diagnostic Radiographers and Radiation Therapists

Please make sure you submit all documents to facilitate the recruitment process. Once you have submitted your application with all the required documents, the HA will arrange selection interviews with shortlisted candidates and facilitate the submission of applications of suitable candidates to respective Allied Health Board for Professional Registration, if applicable. HA will also assist selected candidates who are non-Hong Kong residents in obtaining employment visas from the Hong Kong Immigration Department prior to commencement of work.

Opportunities in HA

  1. Diagnostic Radiographer
  2. Radiation Therapist
  3. Orthoptist
  4. Podiatrist

Recent Events

The HA had collaborated with universities in United Kingdom and Australia to conduct overseas recruitment webinar.



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For Diagnostic Radiographers and Radiation Therapists, please refer to the Supplementary Medical Professions Ordinance (Cap. 359) for details of the recognised academic qualifications, registration and other requirements.