Information for interns/foundation doctors and specialist trainees/registrars

You are most welcome to join HA anytime after you complete your internship or foundation year under either Special or Limited Registration pathway.

If you are interested in understanding the work environment and culture of HA, please contact us via email: with the following information:

As a statutory body for medical education and training, HA is committed to offer specialist training to both local and non-locally trained doctors. You can indicate your preferred specialty for training in your application. An interview panel consisting senior staff from your preferred specialty will assess your suitability to join the specialty as a trainee. If you are considered not suitable to join the specialty training programme by the interview panel, you may be offered a non-training post, or suggested to join a common pool for training post in another specialty.

Please note that the number of available training posts for a particular specialty and recognition of your past training periods outside Hong Kong towards your specialist training are at the discretion of the respective constituent College of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine. Information of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine and its constituent Colleges can be found at

If you are interested in joining HA under Special Registration, please click the following:

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