The Hospital Authority (HA) is all along very concerned about the doctor manpower situation and has exerted continuous efforts and various measures to retain and attract doctors so as to support service needs and relieve the workload of frontline doctors. Apart from the recruitment of all qualified locally trained medical graduates and candidates who have successfully passed the Licensing Examination of the Medical Council of Hong Kong (MCHK), HA is also recruiting non-locally trained doctors who are not yet fully registered in Hong Kong. For details on the requirements for various types of registration, please visit the MCHK’s website:

About Us

HA is a statutory body established in Hong Kong in 1990. We are responsible for managing all public hospitals and related services in Hong Kong. We manage 43 hospitals and institutions, 49 Specialist Out-patient Clinics (SOPCs), and 73 General Out-patient Clinics (GOPCs). Today, we have a workforce of about 80,000 and some 28,900 beds.


We are now recruiting non-locally trained doctors without full registration in Hong Kong to serve as Residents and Associate Consultants in our public hospitals. The recruited non-locally trained doctors will:
This new recruitment programme will facilitate your plan on pursuing a medical career in Hong Kong.

What’s New

The HKSAR Government has amended existing law to facilitate qualified non-locally trained doctors to practise in the public healthcare sector of Hong Kong. Doctors serving in HA under the new recruitment scheme who meet the predefined criteria will have opportunities to obtain full medical registration in Hong Kong without the need to undergo licensing examinations.

For non-locally trained doctors holding recognized medical qualification and registered under the law of a qualifying place as a medical practitioner For non-locally trained doctors holding recognized medical qualification but have not yet completed internship training overseas For non-locally trained doctors who are working in the public healthcare institutions in Hong Kong under Limited Registration

In accordance with the Medical Registration (Amendment) Ordinance 2021, a Special Registration Committee (SRC) is established for determining the list of recognized medical qualifications after reviewing programmes offered by non-local medical schools with quality comparable to those provided by the two medical schools in Hong Kong. The list of recognized medical qualifications is available at MCHK’s website:

Flyer (Career Opportunities for Non-locally Trained Doctors in Hospital Authority, Hong Kong)

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Employment Package

Monthly salary with annual increment:

The salary will be commensurate with relevant experience and qualification of the selected candidates and subject to currency fluctuation.

Other terms and benefits include:
Support your application to the MCHK for practice under limited registration Comprehensive and free medical coverage
15% contract-end gratuity upon satisfactory completion of contract 25 days annual leave per annum
Coverage of professional indemnity, legal assistance, employees’ compensation of HA and disciplinary protection insurance A one-off “Relocation Allowance” of HK$60,000 (~A$11,132 or £6,369) on a reimbursement basis
A flexible and renewable contract term up to three years will be offered subject to mutual agreement, consistent good performance and approval of limited registration by MCHK.

We shall help you get here and settle in. A continuous learning environment will be provided.

Appointed candidates will be subject to central posting. You may be required to work shifts and irregular hours as well as perform on-call duties in public hospitals.

Online Application

If you are interested in the post and meet the requirements set out in the advertisement, please make an application via the link at HA website in accordance with the procedures stated therein:

Special Registration
Limited Registration

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Pathways for Non-locally Trained Doctors to Pursue Medical Career in Hospital Authority, Hong Kong (for reference)

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Please refer to the Medical Registration Ordinance (Cap. 161) as amended by the Medical Registration (Amendment) Ordinance 2021 for details of the admission pathway, recognized medical qualifications, registration and other requirements.