Global Healthcare Talent Scheme

Taking the advantages of a convenient location, mature and efficient infrastructure, established connections with different countries and frequent healthcare innovations, Hong Kong has the potential to be a global hub to conglomerate healthcare talents from all over the world for convergence of global skills, mutual learning and innovation, and staff development via international exchanges.

Against this backdrop, the Hospital Authority has launched the Global Healthcare Talent Scheme, offering medium-term exchange opportunities for non-locally trained doctors to join us for around 12 to 24 months, with opportunities to expose to cutting-edge medical technologies and research experience.

Who are suitable to join the Scheme? What specialties are available under the Scheme? Currently, exchange programmes are developed by the following specialties. More specialties will follow and you are welcome to contact us for exchange opportunities in case your specialty is not in the following list. How does this work?

For enquiries, please contact us with any of the following methods:
WhatsApp: +852-9333 2039 WeChat: +852-9333 2039

Hotline: +852-9333 2039

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