Allied Health (AH) professionals are a cluster of healthcare professionals other than doctors and nurses, who provide patient care through rehabilitation, supporting diagnosis, supporting technology adoption etc. in collaboration with other clinical team members. Their evolvement was largely associated with the rapid clinical and technical advances in medical science of the twentieth century.

The AH professionals have undergone arrays of specialised professional training. Although the roles and functions of the AH professionals are unique and varied, as a whole they represent an identifiable and essential component in the whole journey of patient care.

Nowadays majority of the AH professionals attain their qualifications through university education and seven of them, namely Diagnostic Radiographers, Medical Laboratory Technologists, Occupational Therapists, Optometrists, Physiotherapists, Radiation Therapists and Social Workers, require statutory registration for practice in Hong Kong. They exercise their professional autonomies and are accountable for their own standard of practices.

In view of the differences in expertise required, AH professionals are organised into two streams, namely (a) Technology and (b) Rehabilitation. Currently, there are 18 AH grades in