Bill Sample (for private charges)

  1. Bill issuing hospital

  2. Enquiry Numbers

    • For enquiries relate to information on bill

  3. Bill Number

  4. This is the unique bill number for identification. Please quote this number when making enquiries. Please note that bill number cannot be used for electronic payment. For details on electronic payment, please see note 9 below.

  5. Service Date

  6. The period or date on which the relevant service was rendered.

  7. Hospital and Admission & Discharge Date

  8. Specify the hospital which provided the relevant services. For inpatients, admission date (and discharge date, if applicable) will be stated here.

  9. Service Categories

  10. Services of the same type are grouped together according to major service categories, e.g. Inpatient Services

  11. Total Amount

  12. Amount to be paid.

  13. QR code for HA Go

  14. The QR code for hyperlink to download the Hospital Authority (HA) mobile application ‘HA Go’. Through HA Go, patients can check appointment records, make payment, book appointment for general outpatient services and new case of specialist outpatient services, view medication and perform rehabilitation exercise following prescriptions etc.

  15. Electronic Payment Information

  16. The relevant Merchant Code and Account No. information for input when making bill settlement through PPS, internet banking or JETCO Automated Teller Machine (ATM). You can also make payment by scanning the FPS Quick Response (QR) code with supporting mobile applications of the banks or stored value facilities. Please note the bill settlement sequence printed on bill overleaf (if applicable).

  17. Shroff/ Accounts Office

  18. Address and office hours of the shroff/accounts office of the bill issuing hospital

  19. Barcode for Payment at 7-Eleven Convenience Store

  20. Only for payment at 7-Eleven convenience store