Hospital Authority General Infirmary Service

I. Background

II. Who should apply?

III. How to apply?

  1. Applicants must submit their application through a social worker / healthcare professional of Referring Offices designated by SWD (Please see NOTE 1) who will act as the Responsible Officer to initiate the application for the applicants.
  2. The Responsible Officer will perform initial screening and submit the application on behalf of the applicant by using the application form [LDS Form 5a (Infirmary)] and MAIL to the HA Central Infirmary Waiting List (CIWL) Office.
  3. Applicants are not allowed to choose individual Infirmary Units. They can indicate ONE choice regarding the region of preference for the HA General Infirmary Service on the application form (i.e. ‘No preference’, ‘Hong Kong’, ‘Kowloon’ or ‘the New Territories’).
  4. The HA CIWL Office will review the appropriateness of the application based on the information provided and refer applicant to the HA Community Geriatric Assessment Team (CGAT) for assessment of eligibility.
    • Eligible applicant will be put on the Central Infirmary Waiting List (CIWL) for placement in infirmary beds. The HA CIWL Office will inform the Responsible Officer who will, in turn, notify the applicant. Placement will be offered on a first-come first-served basis according to the registration date of the application (Please refer to NOTE 2).
    • For non-eligible applicant, the HA CIWL Office will inform the Responsible Officer who will make other arrangements with the applicant as appropriate.
  5. The applicant is obliged to inform the Responsible Officer for any change(s) to his/her information or records throughout the application process. The Responsible Officer should then update the HA CIWL Office by submitting the Updating Data Form [LDS Form 7a (Infirmary)]

  6. Eligibility Criteria
    For registration on the CIWL, applicants must fulfill the following admission criteria upon assessment by the HA Community Geriatric Assessment Team (CGAT):

    1. Applicants with chronic illnesses and severe disability who are unable to be cared for at home or ordinary old age home either due to failing of environmental and/or caring support; and/or
    2. Applicants with terminal illnesses requiring continuous medical or nursing care; and/or
    3. Applicants with chronic illnesses who are in need of intensive professional medical and nursing care which is not available in community-based setting; and/or
    4. Applicants, despite trial of intensive rehabilitation, remain incapacitated and bed-ridden requiring constant medical and/or nursing attention; and/or
    5. Applicants with chronic illnesses beyond the care level of nursing home

    Eligibility for Priority Application

    Cases that are assessed to require frequent admissions and significant clinical care in hospital setting may be recommended for a priority application. Applicants of priority application will NOT be offered choices of preference on region, district or hospital for placement.


    For enquiries regarding the application, the applicant should consult his/her Responsible Officer who will act as an overall coordinator throughout the application and admission process.

IV. Admission Procedures

  1. When a HA central infirmary bed is available for the applicant, the HA CIWL Office will issue a letter to inform the Responsible Officer.

  2. The Responsible Officer will notify the applicant for the details of the placement.

V. Withdrawal Procedures

  1. If the applicant wishes to withdraw from the CIWL at any point of the application process or reject the placement offered, he/she should inform the Responsible Officer, who will notify the HA CIWL Office. This applicant will be delisted from the CIWL.

  2. Applicants who have been delisted from the CIWL can re-apply for the HA General Infirmary Service as a new applicant. No back-dating arrangements will be made.

VI. General Information

VII. Guidance Notes for Responsible Officer

Hospital Authority

NOTE 1: As stipulated in the SWD’s “Manual of Procedures on Registration and Allocation of Long Term Care Services (2021)”, the “Referring Offices” refers to:
(a) Integrated Family Service Centres (IFSCs)/Integrated Services Centres (ISCs);
(b) Medical Social Services Units (MSSUs);
(c) Placement Units (PUs);
(d) District Elderly Community Centres (DECCs);
(e) Neighbourhood Elderly Centres (NECs);
(f) Service providers of existing service users, or
(g) Others service units e.g. Family and Child Protective Service Units, Integrated Services Teams for Street Sleepers, etc.

NOTE 2: With effect from 1 November 2014, the definition of “registration date” under the Central Infirmary Waiting List of HA General Infirmary Service is revised from the “date when the applicant is assessed to be eligible” to “application receipt date”. The “application receipt date” is the date of receipt of Referring Office’s submission of [LDS Form 5a(Infirmary)] “Application for General Infirmary Service, Hospital Authority” for the purpose of applying for an infirmary placement in HA. The conversion arrangement of “registration date” for applications received before and after 1 November 2014 is summarized as follows: