Code on Access to Information

1. The Hospital Authority (HA) has designated a Hospital Authority Head Office (HAHO) Access to Information Officer who is responsible for ensuring requests for access to information are properly dealt with in accordance with specific procedures.

2. Requests for information or records held by the HA may be made by letter or application form (PDF / MS Word) obtained from the Ground Floor Reception Counter of the Hospital Authority Building, 147B Argyle Street, Kowloon. The application should be addressed to -

For information on HA or more than one HA hospital or institution:
HAHO Access to Information Officer
Hospital Authority
147B Argyle Street Kowloon

For information concerning only one hospital:
Hospital Access to Information Officer at address shown on the attached list of the application form

Details of the Code on Access to Information are available for perusal at the Code’s website.

3. For application for medical records, please download the application form from the website(s) of hospital(s) concerned. Details about the application procedures can be accessed via the relevant webpage.

4. The following information is available for public inspection at the Ground Floor Reception Counter, Hospital Authority Building, 147B Argyle Street, Kowloon:

5. Other than publications which are available free of charge, the following photocopy (black and white) in charge, which is subject to revision, will be levied:

A4 size paper at $1.5 per copy;
A3 size paper at $1.6 per copy
6. For enquiries, please call 2300 6555 during office hours.

Hospital Authority
December 2023