Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for financial assistance, the patient must be a Hospital Authority(HA) patient and fulfill all of the following requirements.

Clinical Requirement
  Medical items: The patient's need for the item must be supported by a HA doctor in accordance with the prevailing clinical guidelines of the HA.

Drug items: The patient's treatment plan must be signed / issued by a designated doctor of HA as stipulated under the prevailing clinical guidelines.

Identity requirement
  (i) The patient must be an "Eligible Person" within the meaning of the latest relevant government gazette published under the HA Ordinance (for First Phase Programme and "Subsidy for Eligible Patients of Hospital Authority to Purchase Specified Implantable Medical Devices for Interventional Procedures")


  (ii) The patient must be a permanent resident of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region according to the Immigration Ordinance (for"Subsidy for Eligible Patients to Purchase Ultra-expensive Drugs (Including Those for Treating Uncommon Disorders)" only)

Financial Condition Requirement*
  The patient must pass a "household-based" financial assessment conducted by Medical Social Workers (MSWs).

  *For the application of "Subsidy for Eligible Patients to Purchase Ultra-expensive Drugs (Including Those for Treating Uncommon Disorders)", if patient / applicant has reviewed patient household's disposable financial resources and understands the financial assessment criteria of the Programme, and he/she agrees to pay for the maximum contribution amount (i.e. HK$1 million) for the concerned application, then he/she does not need to submit the documents required for financial assessment to the MSWs. Having said that, he/she is required to sign an agreement during the application, which states that he/she agrees to settle the maximum contribution amount. Approved subsidies would be provided for the drug treatment upon settlement of the maximum contribution amount. Such arrangement would be subject to review by the HA.