Message from Chairman

Hong Kong is facing an increasingly complex set of challenges in its mission to provide high-quality medical care. Issues such as the ageing population, escalating incidence of chronic diseases and recurring threat of global pandemics must all be adequately addressed while we work to keep pace with rising patient expectations and advances in medical practice and technology.

As Hong Kong's major provider of public healthcare services, the Hospital Authority is at the forefront in tackling key health issues and promoting improved wellness among the people of our city. Successfully upholding our commitments and making progress towards our goals relies in large part on the tireless efforts of our skilled and dedicated staff who consistently demonstrate professionalism and compassion in their provision of outstanding medical care.

We will implement new initiatives to further enhance our services, with an emphasis on establishing international standards of training and practice, developing a fertile environment for clinical research, and keeping in close contact with stakeholders to ensure we continue to address their needs. With the strong support of the HKSAR Government, our staff and the wider community, we will rise to the challenges that lie ahead and reach new heights of achievement.

John LEONG Chi-yan