Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, Mission and Values

After extensive consultations with our frontline staff, executives and Board members, the Hospital Authority has adopted three basic corporate statements - our Vision, Mission and Values. Known collectively as "VMV", they serve to guide the planning, development and delivery of our services.

We also constantly bear in mind that we are a "people-first" organisation. That means we regard people - including our patients and their families, staff members and other stakeholders in the community - as the focus of our work, and we always strive to treat them fairly, with respect and as our equals.




Strategic Goals

We aim to achieve our corporate vision by adopting the following five strategic goals under three strategic foci:

  • Provide Patient-centred Care

    • Improve service quality
    • Optimise demand management
  • Develop a Committed and Competent Workforce

    • Attract & retain staff
    • Enhance staff training and development
  • Enhance Financial Sustainability

    • Drive accountable & efficient use of financial resources