Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, Mission and ValuesVision, Mission and Value

After extensive consultations with our frontline staff, executives and Board members, the Hospital Authority has adopted three basic corporate statements - our Vision, Mission and Values. Known collectively as "VMV", they serve to guide the planning, development and delivery of our services.

We also constantly bear in mind that we are a "people-first" organisation. That means we regard people - including our patients and their families, staff members and other stakeholders in the community - as the focus of our work, and we always strive to treat them fairly, with respect and as our equals.



  • Healthy People, Happy Staff, Trusted by the Community

    Our vision begins by committing ourselves to the health of our community, thus helping its members to avoid the need to spend time in our hospitals whenever possible. We seek to achieve this firstly by providing high-quality services that aim to cure our patients, so that they will not have to be readmitted, and secondly by enabling our outpatients to enjoy the best-possible health and quality of life outside the walls of our hospitals.
  Our people are the key factor in the delivery of our services. We therefore need to ensure they feel happy and motivated in their work by treating them fairly, not overburdening them, and helping them to maintain a good work-life balance.

Trust is a precious commodity that must be earned. To gain and keep our community's trust, we endeavour to respond to its concerns and to any health-related crises that arise in a swift, effective and professional way. We also recognise that honesty is a fundamental element of trust, so we make every effort to be honest, open and accountable - not just to our patients and community but also to our people.



  • Helping People Stay Healthy

    The Hospital Authority appreciates that patients are usually the "leading actors" in our work, and that healthcare professionals merely play supporting roles. Sometimes it is our job to give them life-saving treatment, but more often than not we are simply partners who empower them to regain their health and stay healthy by offering them support in the forms of diagnosis, medication, exercises, information, encouragement and motivation.



  • People-centred Care

    This concept extends beyond providing patients with the best-possible services, although that is always our top priority. It also acknowledges the importance of having a caring heart, even when we are busy or a patient is demanding, as well as good two-way communication, which is indispensable for understanding and meeting a patient's needs.

  • Professional Service
  Our definition of professionalism is to increase one's knowledge continuously by staying abreast of the latest developments in one's profession, taking action to improve one's skills, accepting responsibility for the things one does, and having the courage to learn from one's mistakes. This is what we aspire to in our work, both as an organisation and as individuals working in it.

Strategic Goals and Directions

Based on the Hospital Authority Strategic Plan 2022-2027, we aim to achieve our corporate vision by adopting the following four strategic goals: