Head Office


Cluster Services Division

Cluster Services Division - Dr Simon TANG Yiu-hang Dr Simon TANG Yiu-hang
Director (Cluster Services)

  • Cluster performance
  • Service transformation
  • Integrated clinical services
  • Chief Pharmacist's Office
  • Business support
  • Medical/Nursing/Allied Health grades
  • Institute of Health Care
  • Chinese medicine


Quality and Safety Division

Cluster Services Division - Dr Michael WONG Lap-gate Dr Michael WONG Lap-gate
Director (Quality and Safety)

  • Clinical effectiveness and technology management
  • Patient safety and risk management
  • Patient relations and engagement
  • Quality and standards
  • Infection, emergency and contingency
  • Corporate Clinical Psychology Services
  • Chief Infection Control Officer Office
  • Infectious Disease Control Training Centre


Strategy and Planning Division

Strategy & Planning Division - Dr CHING Wai-kuen Dr CHING Wai-kuen
Director (Strategy and Planning)

  • Strategy and service planning
  • Capital planning
  • Statistics and data science
  • Primary and community services
  • Knowledge management


Finance Division

Finance Division - Ms Anita CHAN Ms Anita CHAN
Director (Finance)

  • Financial development and planning
  • Budget and resources management
  • Treasury services, insurance and financial risk management
  • Financial control, operations and systems development


Corporate Services Division

Corporate Services Division - Mr Andy LAU Mr Andy LAU
Head of Corporate Services

  • Internal and external communication
  • Legal risks identification and management
  • Head Office management
  • Secretariat support for HA Board and Committees
  • Mainland and international affairs and donation management


Human Resources Division

Human Resources Division - Mr David MAK Mr David MAK
Head of Human Resources

  • Recruitment and staffing
  • Non-clinical grade management
  • Staff benefits
  • Remuneration, terms and conditions
  • Talent and succession management
  • Training and development
  • HR systems/payroll
  • Staff relations/consultation
  • Staff wellbeing, occupational safety and health and occupational medicine


Information Technology and Health Informatics Division

Information Technology and Health Informatics Division - Dr N T CHEUNG Dr N T CHEUNG
Head of Information Technology and Health Informatics /
Chief Medical Informatics Officer

  • Medical informatics management
  • Clinical management systems
  • Information management systems
  • Application development
  • Network infrastructure
  • Information security
  • Privacy & IT risk management


Group Internal Audit

Group Internal Audit - Mr Jeremiah NG Mr Jeremiah NG
Chief Internal Auditor

  • Value-for-money audit
  • Performance audit
  • IT system development audit
  • Application system and technical infrastructure audit
  • Special investigation
  • Risk and control consulting and education