Corporate Governance



The Board acknowledges its responsibility for and commitment to corporate governance principles and recognises that the Authority’s stakeholders expect the highest standards of performance, accountability and conduct.

Hospital Authority Board

Under the Hospital Authority Ordinance, the Chief Executive of the HKSAR appoints members to the Authority Board. The present Board consists of 28 members (including the Chairman). Membership of the Authority comprises 24 non-public officers, three public officers and one principal officer (the Hospital Authority Chief Executive). Apart from the principal officer, other members are not remunerated in the capacity as Board members.

The Authority Board meets formally about 12 times a year and any other times as required.

Hospital Authority Board Meeting
Administrative and Operational Meeting


Board Committees

For optimal performance of its roles and exercise of powers, the Authority Board has established 12 functional committees : Audit and Risk Committee, Development and Works Committee, Executive Committee, Emergency Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Human Resources Committee, Information Technology Services Committee, Main Tender Board, Medical Services Development Committee, Public Complaints Committee, Staff Appeals Committee and Supporting Services Development Committee.


Hospital Governing Committees

To enhance community participation and governance of public hospitals, 33 Hospital Governing Committees are established in 41 hospitals/institutions in accordance with the Hospital Authority Ordinance.

These committees receive regular management reports from Hospital Chief Executives, monitor operational and financial performance of the hospitals, review risk management issues, provide policy guidance on hospital management, and participate in human resources and procurement functions, as well as hospital and community partnership activities. Normally, a Hospital Governing Committee holds about 4 meetings in a year.


Regional Advisory Committees

To provide the Authority with advice on the healthcare needs for specific regions of Hong Kong and assist the Authority with better performance of its functions in relation to the regions, the Authority has established three Regional Advisory Committees in accordance with the Hospital Authority Ordinance.

Normally, a Regional Advisory Committee meets four times a year.


Hospital Authority Board
Regional Advisory
Hong Kong Regional Advisory Committee
Kowloon Regional Advisory Committee
New Territories Regional Advisory Committee
Hospital Governing
33 Hospital
Governing Committees
Audit and Risk Committee Information Technology Services Committee
Development and Works Committee Main Tender Board
Executive Committee Medical Services Development Committee
Emergency Executive Committee Public Complaints Committee
Finance Committee Staff Appeals Committee
Human Resources Committee Supporting Services Development Committee


Executive Management

The executives are charged by the Hospital Authority Board with the responsibility to manage and administer day-to-day business and operations of the Authority. To ensure that the management can discharge duties in an effective and efficient manner, the Hospital Authority Board has set out clear delegated authority, policies and codes of conduct. The Board also approves an annual plan prepared by the executives in accordance with the Board’s direction and receives regular executive reports on the progress of agreed performance indicators and targets.

Under the Hospital Authority Ordinance, the Authority determines the remuneration and terms and conditions of employment for all Hospital Authority employees. Remuneration packages of executive directors and other senior managers are devised to attract, motivate and retain high calibre individuals in a competitive talent market. Remuneration packages of all senior executives are considered and approved by the Authority Board or its Executive Committee.