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Coordination Among Isolation Facilities (Chinese only)

HA Community Treatment Facility Commences Operation

The HA completed the preparation for the community treatment facility at AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE), and began admitting COVID-19 confirmed patients, aged 18-60 and with clinically suitable condition on 1 August.

Different departments and teams in the Head Office and clusters have joint hands in overcoming various challenges in the planning works for some weeks, including installations of medical equipment on site, infection control, work flow arrangements, etc. before the community treatment facility can eventually commissioned smoothly. The HA also thanked the Government, including the Food and Health Bureau and various Government departments, for their strong support, as well as AWE for availing the site and constructing the facilities, facilitating the rapid set up of the community treatment facility.

The community treatment facility located in Hall 1 of AWE would have about 500 beds, mainly to admit relatively young patients with mild symptoms and able to live independently. The facility would triage patients and allow public hospitals to focus on caring the more severe patients. Upon patient arrival, healthcare staff of the community treatment facility would assess the patient's clinical condition and arrange patients to either stay in the facility for isolation treatment or to be transferred to hospitals for follow-up for the more severe patients.

The HA would continue to explore the feasibility of setting up other facilities in the community in preparation for a long term battle against the epidemic.

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HA Community Treatment Facility

General Outpatient Clinics Help Distribute Specimen Bottles

To tie in with the Government's epidemic control strategy on early detection of occult infection to minimise the risk of community transmissions, the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health has extended the "Enhanced Laboratory Surveillance Programme" to provide COVID-19 test for individuals who perceive themselves to have higher risk of exposure and experience mild discomfort.

To support the implementation of this new arrangement by CHP, 22 general out-patient clinics (GOPCs) of the HA (list of clinics) has been available for the aforesaid members of the public to collect or return the specimen bottles free of charge from July 27. This pilot voluntary test arrangement, tentatively scheduled for four weeks, will not involve any consultation services by doctors.

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Community Isolation Facility Alleviates Demand Pressure for Hospital Isolation Beds

Amid a new wave of COVID-19 epidemic in Hong Kong, the number of confirmed patients and symptomatic close contacts have increased rapidly every day. The occupancy of isolation beds in public hospitals is close to saturation. The growing number of elderly and critical patients with longer length of hospital stay have affected the turnover of isolation beds. Upon completion of the preparation works the HA can start admitting patients meeting specific clinical criteria and other conditions to the community isolation facility at Lei Yue Mun Park and Holiday Village from July 24 to help alleviate the demand pressure of hospital isolation beds and leave room for public hospitals to focus on caring the more severe patients.

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The Services Adjustment Under the New Wave of COVID-19 (Chinese only)

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