Waiting Time for Cataract Surgery

Cluster Notional (Estimated Average) Waiting Time
(As at 31 March 2019)
Hong Kong East18 months
Hong Kong West10 months
Kowloon Central22 months
Kowloon East9 months
Kowloon West29 months
New Territories East22 months
New Territories West31 months

Date of Next Update: 31 July 2019

Patients, who wish to have an earlier treatment, could consult their doctor on the appropriateness for cross-cluster referral arrangement.

Notional (estimated average) waiting time is the number of patients in the waiting list waiting for a particular surgery divided by the average monthly output of that particular surgery in the past 12 months. (e.g. If a cluster has a waiting list of 12,000 patients waiting for cataract surgery and the average monthly output in the past 12 months is 1,000, the notional waiting time is 12 months or 1 year.)