Payment Methods

1. In Person

Payment by cheque, cash, Octopus, EPS or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, China UnionPay Card, JCB) will be accepted upon presentation of your bills during normal office hours at the Accounts Office of any hospitals under the Hospital Authority. Payment may also be made at the Accident and Emergency Registration Counter of the hospitals (except St. John Hospital) after office hours. The number of daily payment for each account number is up to 3.

2. By Post

Please send a crossed cheque, bank draft or cashier order made payable to "Hospital Authority" and post to the Accounts Office of the address given on the bill / summary statement. Patient's name and bill number should be written on the back of your cheque / bank draft / cashier order, and allow sufficient mailing time. Do NOT send cash by post.

3. PPS

After opening account at any PPS Terminals, payment can be made via PPS at 18031 or on Internet For details, please call PPS Hotline 900 00 222 329 or 2311 9876. The merchant code of Hospital Authority is 83. The number of daily payment for each account number is up to 3.

4. Internet Banking

Payment can be made via internet services provided by banks.

5. Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

Payment can be made at any ATMs with "JET PAYMENT" signage, using any JETCO member bank's ATM card or credit card with cash withdrawal function. The merchant code of Hospital Authority is 9083 (Bill Type: 01).

6. Cash Payment at 7-Eleven

Cash payment can be made at any 7-Eleven convenience store in Hong Kong by presenting the bill / summary statement. The maximum cash payment per transaction is HK$5,000.


i. Eligible Person
Eligible persons have to present the document(s) below to the Accounts Office. Otherwise, the charges for Non-Eligible Person will be levied. ii. Time for payment processing
At least three working days should be allowed for processing payment.

iii. Bill settlement sequence
Payment will be applied to settle outstanding bills on a FIRST-IN-FIRST-OUT basis according to the bill and service dates, except for settlement for specified bill at ATM, 7-Eleven or by postal cheque.

iv. Overpayment handling procedures
Overpayment will be refunded to the patient by cheque or credit to the credit card account used in the payment after settlement of other outstanding bills.

v. Issuance of receipts
Receipt will NOT be issued by HA for payment by post, PPS, internet banking, ATM or 7-Eleven convenience store. Please retain the original bill / PPS reference number / internet transaction record / receipts provided by ATM or 7-Eleven convenience store for record.