HA Convention 2005 New Frontiers in Population Health
  Message from the Chief Executive

To societies in general and healthcare systems in particular, the impact of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) epidemic in 2003 was immense, far-reaching and multi-dimensional. The SARS Forum in last year's HA Convention has proven valuable in reviewing the significant findings on SARS. Important issues on SARS management and prevention have been addressed in great length by experts in the fields.

Meanwhile, the Hospital Authority (HA) continues to face the external challenges of rising healthcare demands from an ageing population, budgetary difficulties and fast-paced innovations in medical technologies. Internally, the organisation is going through the transitional phase of reorganisation towards the geographically oriented hospital clustering and resource allocation model.

During the HA annual planning process, many areas were identified where improvements were called for. This Twelfth Hospital Authority Convention will reflect the predominant thinking of the HA Annual Plan 2004/2005 - enhancing population health in the aftermath of SARS.

The Convention theme "New frontiers in population health" represents the current direction and endeavours of the HA. We place great importance in the development of community and primary care, the enhancement of healthcare system sustainability, the improvement of quality and clinical governance, and the building of human resources capability.

Reinforcing healthcare systems after SARS is a challenging and monumental job. I hope that the Convention will offer our local and international experts an excellent opportunity to share innovative ideas for the improvement of the health of our community at large.

Dr William Ho
Chief Executive
Hong Kong Hospital Authority
(Chairman, HA Convention Organising Committee)


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